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Lidya Solutions to help the trader with forex trading analysis and the execution of trades. Lidya Solutions provides Auto Trading system and charts and order-taking methods, which are usually free of charge when a trading account is opened with a forex broker. As with trading software used for trading other securities like stocks or futures, most platforms differ greatly in functionality.

Accelerating Digital Transformation Across Industries
With Customizable, Secure and Sustainable Solutions.
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Increase Operational Efficiency ,
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Lidya Solutions
With a Vision to Transform Algorithm Trading system.

We are the team of developers which has wide experience in different Forex spheres.

There are such types of experience in our team as:

The coding of Expert Advisors, Scripts and other systems for the clients individual orders .
The work in companies which are specializing on commercial advisors production.
The development of unique trading systems specially for major investment companies.

We have one aim -  Thinking of what we really want to do, we've got the idea to create a revolutionary strategies constructor which would combine all our experience and become really unique and effective product. Gathering our best experience in commercial advisors developments and investors accounts management, we introduced our best profitable and safe algorithms in FX EA Maker and EA Trader logic.

We have 3 Goals


To give all our clients the opportunity to become Lidya developers without knowledge in programming sphere. That is the reason why we made efforts and wrote flexible and qualitative code which made real absolute compatibility of all constructor components with each other so that you can do different combinations and modifications. Also we provide the possibility to order your own FX-Builder modification. This will help you to add some new indicators, functions, filters etc, which will be absolute compatible with all standard components of FX-Builder constructor.


Also it is our pleasure to provide our clients with the package of already done, well-proven on real accounts systems. The settings which you're receiving with the constructor can trade on your accounts successfully, also they can be combined with each other. Besides, these settings can be used as the platform for creating your own unique settings.

All our settings have trading on real accounts statistics from couple months to 2 years. Moreover these settings have backtests on historical data duration from 6 to 10 years!


The next goal is giving the possibility, for those who joined us, to sell their own developments in our store as separate and absolutely complete product. All clients support, advisors compilation, marketing and advertising will be provided from our side. All you have to do is just creating and making your profitable and safe EA MAKER setting. After this we make everything possible to sell your idea and you will receive the passive profit from selling . Besides, with the help of your developments you can trade on real accounts and if you create more than one system you can combine them with each other on one account what will increase your profit and safety grade

"Lidya Solution is"

We will provide numbers of versions for our software, from which you can choose any that fits your needs best, or you can just try them all!  Let the software do the work and trade the way you want!

Improve Customer Experience

Strengthen customer touch points by enhancing customer service and streamlining the buying process through mobility.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Boost productivity with mobile apps that empower employees, provide real-time insights and improve performance..

Optimize Top LineGrowth

Create a digitally modified business with mobile to drive engagement, improve retention and increase revenue.


Lidya Solution develops business solution optimized for size and business of organization.


Our solution developed on the understanding of business of customer, can guaranty not only improvement in business efficiency but also competitiveness in the market.

All Platforms

Solution developed by Lidya Solution are compatible in all platforms which are used for business, such as mobile device, web browser, Mac OS and Windows.

One-Stop Management

Full control over deployment and management of apps, devices and users from one central console
Interactive and standard statistical reports
Open standard technology

Technology Partnership

Tailored user experience
Professional consulting services
Supported by decades of technical expertise
Knowledgeable staff with experiences in solving
complex workflow issues

Rapid App Deployment

Simple and quick deployment option
Cross-platform capability
Integration to any backend systems
Instant accessibility on cloud or on-premises

MQL4.5 Technologies

MetaTrader  is a multi-asset platform that allows trading Forex, stocks and futures. It offers superior tools for comprehensive price analysis, use of algorithmic trading applications (trading robots, Expert Advisor) and copy trading.

Metatrader Programmer - MT4, MT5 Programming Service  

EA-Maker is an innovative leading provider of MetaTrader services and trading solutions to traders in the foreign exchange, indexes and commodities markets. 

As MetaTrader Programmers, we provide a fast MT4, MT5 Programming Service which allows our clients to focus on their core trading activities while we provide the Expert Advisors, indicators and scripts that are tailored to fit their specific requirements.

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